How do you make an image description?

How do you make an image description?

An image description is about describing an image in its entirety. The most important features should be highlighted. An image description may be followed by an image analysis. This goes even deeper and tries to interpret the picture.

What is a Percept?

In perception psychology, a percept is the subjectively experienced, experienced, conscious (phenomenal) result of a perception process.

What is an image object?

Arrangement of subject matter: subject, what was depicted; description of people, objects; based on their gender, appearance, age, stature, posture, facial expressions, gestures, clothing, function, etc. Description of the epoch as far as possible.

What is a work review?

Explanation of terms. Work analysis means the primarily intellectual (weighing, counting, comparing, classifying, explaining and illuminating) approach to a musical work. Work analysis can tend to be immanent to the work, but a perspective that goes beyond the individual work is usually required.

What is meant by the composition of an image?

In the fine arts, composition is a term for the formal structure of works of art, which affects the relationships between the design elements. The term is not only used for two-dimensional techniques (paintings, drawings, graphics, relief, photography).

What is composition?

Composition (Latin compositio “assembly, composition”) stands for: composition (grammar), composition of words. Composition (fine arts), formal structure of works of art. Composition (music), creation of musical works and the finished musical work.

What is a closed composition?

Even in closed compositions, the world depicted does not stop at the edge of the picture – but the scene itself is captured as a totality. All elements necessary for understanding are included in the image. All actions important for the plot are recorded.

How do images affect us?

The visual stimuli play a central role in our memory and in the storage of experiences, memories and information. We therefore perceive each picture individually and subjectively.

What can pictures do?

Images create emotions and awaken desires, they excite, fascinate and impress, but they can also cause the opposite. Corporate communication uses images in a very targeted manner, because in communication, images visualize everything that we take in and process with our eyes.

When is an image dynamic?

The “Dynamic” picture mode is suitable for sports broadcasts, for example. The colors are displayed very intensively and with high contrast. However, this effect can sometimes seem exaggerated. In addition, the image is configured quite brightly.

What makes a good composition?

When composing correctly, you should make sure that the main subject is clearly separated from the background. You can achieve this by working with a small depth of field and controlling the position of the main subject in relation to the background.

How does symmetry work?

Image effect of symmetries Symmetry thus becomes a graphic structural element, it creates order and an image becomes easy to grasp. The symmetry related to a vertical axis is an effective form, axis or point symmetrical forms have high conciseness.

What does scatter mean in art?

Scattering: The surface is structured with various pictorial elements at regular and aligned (lifeless, static effect) or irregular, “random” (livelier, dynamic effect) intervals.

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