How Do You Pass Level 28 On Candy Crush

You can get past level 28 of Candy Crush Saga by clearing all the 12 meringues. You will have to make special candy combinations to reach the 40,000-point limit. The objective of the level is to make as few moves as possible to maximize your score. You have 22 moves, so you must plan your strategy carefully to make the most of each move. However, if you are not a pro, you can also memorize the cheats for this level.

In Candy Crush Saga, level 28 requires 22 moves to clear the board and earn 40,000 points. The goal is to break all of the meringue and jelly squares to earn 40,000 points. The trick is to make sure you break all of them. If you can’t do that, then use a special candies to make them disappear. There are special candies that can help you with the game’s high scores.

One of the best tips for level 28 is to focus on clearing the meringues. You have to use special candies to break all the meringue and jelly. Using these tips will ensure that you get the maximum score in the fastest possible time. In addition to these tips, you can also check out a video that shows you how to pass level 28 of Candy Crush Saga. If you don’t have access to a video, here are some general strategies that can help you reach your goal.

To clear the meringue, you need to use special candies that will destroy the meringue squares. You must use special candies to clear the board and clear the jelly squares. You can also consult a candy crush guide to find the best strategy for level 28. This video will guide you through the entire level, and it will be a valuable help to you. If you follow the tips, you will be able to reach level 28 in no time.

In Candy Crush Saga, level 28 is located in the Lemonade Lake episode. To pass this level, you must clear the 12 double jelly squares to reach the 40,000-point mark. While this might seem like a daunting task, remember that if you play smart, you’ll achieve your goals. You’ll have to be smart and watch your special candies to break them up. If you do not use them correctly, you’ll end up losing a lot of points.

Once you have the required number of special candies, it is time to break up all of the jelly squares and reach the 40,000-point mark. The goal of the level is to clear all of the meringues to clear the board in the least number of moves. You’ll have to clear all the meringues in order to get to level 28. You’ll need at least 22 moves to clear all of the meringues.

The goal of level 28 in Candy Crush Saga is to break all the jelly squares to earn the 40,000-point mark. The game’s difficulty level is usually found at the lower part of the board. The goal of this level is to remove the meringue squares. There are special candies that you can use to clear the board in order to earn a lot of points. You can also watch the videos and read the tips of the game.

In Candy Crush Saga, you can learn how to pass level 28 by following the general tips, but some tips will be more helpful than others. The goal of level 28 is to clear 12 double jelly squares and to reach a score of 40,000 points. In addition, you must break meringue to earn the most points. You should make meringues your main goal, and focus on clearing these first to get the maximum score.

The goal of Candy Crush Saga is to clear 12 double jelly squares and reach 40,000 points. You should focus on clearing the meringues as much as possible. You should also focus on creating chains that can help you break more pieces and earn more points. If you want to clear all the meringues, then you should match them low and make special candies in order to get them all.

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