How Do You Pass Level 280 On Candy Crush

The objective of Candy Crush Saga level 280 is to clear all jelly in 25 moves, while collecting the maximum amount of points possible. To clear the level, begin by clearing the center jellies first. You should aim to form special candy combinations to maximize the number of points you earn. Here are some tips to help get you through this level. Follow these tips and have a great time!

First, you need to break the jelly cakes. You should start moving towards the bottom of your playing field. Jellies in the middle need to be cleared before you can move on. You should also take advantage of the cascades to clear the frosting. You should also be aware of the pink fish bags which are a great way clear frosting. These candies can be uncovered and combined with Striped candies to earn more points.

Boosters are another way to increase your score. This candies will give you an extra five moves. They also allow you to switch adjacent candies and block Dark Chocolate and Licorice Swirl. You should only use boosters for the most difficult levels. You can also use boosters if you run out of jellies. You don’t have to lose your jellies if you don’t want them to run out. You can buy boosters to get you to the next level quicker.

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