How do you pronounce quotation?

How do you pronounce quotation?

It is indicated by quotation marks, a quotation within a verbatim quotation is indicated by half quotation marks (text ‘). Verbatim quotations should be used if not only the content of the statement but also its wording is important.

How do I quote a translation?

A literally translated source may be written with quotation marks as a literal quotation. You will then refer in a footnote that you have done the translation. The original source can also be found there.

How do I quote a sentence?

In the case of a direct quotation, the sentence must be taken over literally. Even spelling mistakes are taken over. In the case of a literal quotation in, the sentence is always in quotation marks. This approach is perfect for examples or definitions in your bachelor thesis.

How do I mark a quote?

The quoted text is always in quotation marks in a verbatim quote. Please note that the introductory quotation mark is at the bottom and the quotation mark ending the quotation is at the top: “Correct use of quotation marks. “

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