How do you put a text into sections of meaning?

How do you put a text into sections of meaning?

If a text is to be divided into meaningful sections, this is usually done simply in the text itself. First of all, those sections that follow one another are marked, not necessarily individual paragraphs (!), which belong together in terms of content and topic. This can be done in different ways.

What are sections of text?

In text design, a paragraph, Latin passus, describes a section of a continuous text consisting of one or more sentences. In a paragraph, the written text usually has its own context (therefore also called a section of meaning) or its own small topic.

What are sections of meaning in German?

Creating sections of meaning A section of meaning comprises a self-contained part of a text. It can consist of one or more paragraphs. A new section of meaning usually begins when a new person appears, the place changes, or the plot changes.

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