How do you put the euro sign?

How do you put the euro sign?

On the German standard PC keyboard, the euro sign is a third assignment on the E key. On Windows it can be entered using Alt Gr + E or Ctrl + Alt + E (may be disabled in exceptional cases) and on the English keyboard using Alt Gr + 4.

Can and may anyone issue me a receipt?

You can issue a receipt. But you don’t account for sales tax. Otherwise you would have to pay it to the tax office, even if you are not an entrepreneur.

What can you deduct from taxes without receipts?

This includes office supplies, tools, work clothing, office furniture, PCs, specialist literature. If the actual costs for work equipment are higher, these should be proven and stated using receipts. Of course, the lump sum can no longer be deducted.

Which insurances are tax deductible as a pensioner?

These insurances are tax-deductible: Health insurance. Nursing care insurance. Unemployment insurance. Liability insurance. Employment and occupational disability insurance. Accident insurance. Retirement benefits.

Which insurances are tax deductible as a pensioner?

Pensioners can claim the contributions to health and long-term care insurance in their tax return. They are part of the special expenses, as are contributions to other insurances such as accident or liability insurance – or donations.

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