How do you quote a newspaper article?

How do you quote a newspaper article?

If you want to quote from an article in your term paper that has appeared in a newspaper, you can use the following citation rule to document it in the bibliography. Name, first name: Title of the article. Subtitle, in: Name of the newspaper (year of publication), No.

How do you quote articles of the law?

Articles of law: Articles of law are generally cited with the abbreviation of the law, the article (without “Art.”), The paragraph in Roman numerals and, if available, the litera (without “lit.”) and / or the numeral (without “Clause”).

How do you quote paragraphs?

Always name the paragraph first and then the law, e.g. B. “§ 5 Paragraph 1 Clause 2 BGB” – without commas / commas …. always written in full. If there are several paragraphs mentioned, “§§” is used. “§ 5 f. Abbreviations may be” Par.

What is a paragraph in a paragraph?

There are several ways to cite a paragraph that traditionally denotes the level below the paragraph or article. You should not switch between the options within a document. A paragraph is marked both in the singular and in the plural with “Abs. “Abbreviated.

How do you quote a report?

Citing reports according to APA According to APA, reports are given a reference in the text and an entry in the bibliography, formatted according to APA. After the 7th edition of the APA guidelines, the addition ‘Retrieved from’ is no longer required. Instead, only the URL is given.

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