How do you quote a PhD?

How do you quote a PhD?

Academic degrees such as doctorate (Dr.) can be omitted from the source. Note If you quote a quote or a paraphrase that the author himself quotes from a source, it is a secondary quote. Only use this if you cannot access the original source yourself.

How do I quote correctly in English?

In English, the following quotation marks are used both at the beginning and at the end of a quotation: “…”. If you want to leave out less important sections (e.g. subordinate clauses) of a statement when quoting, use two square brackets with three points in them: […].

When to use square brackets when quoting?

A quote must be literally accurate. Words or letters can be added in square brackets so that a quote fits into the text. Anything that is not literally included in the cited source should be in square brackets, even if they are just individual letters.

How do square brackets work?

For an opening square bracket, press the key combination [Alt Gr]+[8]. You will find the closing square bracket right next to it – i.e. with [Alt Gr]+[9].

What do square brackets in quotations mean?

Square brackets indicate omissions or additions within quotations. Do not use at the beginning or the end of a verbatim quote, as it can be assumed that only a part of the quotation will be reproduced anyway.

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