How do you quote a verbatim speech?

How do you quote a verbatim speech?

If you quote a text passage literally, you have to take it over letter by letter. Put the quote in quotation marks. Enter the page or line (or the verse) in brackets. The sentence ends after the page or line indication.

How is a quote written?

“Verbatim quotations are the direct reproduction of statements made by others. They must always be put in quotation marks. If you quote literally, a copy of the original text is given. No changes may be made, so any spelling errors must also be copied.

What must be in quotation marks?

Quotation marks are used to denote the following things: direct speech and quotations, quotations in quotations, terms, title titles (books, films, etc.) cited headings, uncommon scientific terms (such as colloquial language)

What does a quote mean?

Full quotation versus short quotation A full quotation is the exact and complete naming of the source. In the bibliography at the end of an academic paper, the sources used must always be cited as full citations. A short quote is a shortened version of the full quote.

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