How do you quote a working paper?

How do you quote a working paper?

Gray literature (working papers, discussion papers etc.): Author’s name, first name, year: Title: Subtitle (series, number). Location: Issuing institution, if applicable

How do you mark omissions in a quote?

Each individual omission must be marked. Abbreviations in verbatim quotations are indicated by three periods in square brackets […] displayed. This can be a single omitted word, multiple words in a row, a partial sentence, or a complete sentence.

What do square brackets in quotations mean?

Square brackets indicate omissions or additions within quotations. Do not use at the beginning or the end of a verbatim quote, as it can be assumed that only a part of the quotation will be reproduced anyway.

How do square brackets work?

For an opening square bracket, press the key combination [Alt Gr]+[8]. You will find the closing square bracket right next to it – i.e. with [Alt Gr]+[9].

How do I make square bracket on Mac?

Alt + 5 and Alt + 6. All brackets on the Mac keyboard are always arranged so that the opening bracket is right next to the same closing bracket.

Where is the ALT key on the Mac?

On Mac keyboards, the Alt key is in the bottom row, to the left or right of the command keys.

How to Make Quotes Below Mac?

For the quotation marks below, “hold down the key [Alt] and tap once on the caret, also known as little roof: [^]. To get the quotation marks above “, type the key combination [Alt – 2].

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