How do you quote from a magazine?

How do you quote from a magazine?

Specify the journal in the bibliography Author of the article, year, title of the article, title of the journal, year and number, page range, if applicable. URL or DOI.

When Hg and Hrsg?

In the case of volumes that appear under the name of one editor, the name is followed by (ed.) Or (ed.), In the case of several editors also sometimes (ed.). If the text refers to an anthology, the reference (ed.) Is usually omitted (Kambartel / Mittelstraß 1973, 55), but must be in the bibliography.

When do you write Hrsg?

The abbreviation ‘Hrsg. ‚Stands for editors. It is used when citing the source in the bibliography of academic papers to identify the names of those who published the work.

What does HG mean when citing?

When it comes to publishers, this is indicated by putting an abbreviation for “publisher” after the name or names. Mostly “Hg.” Or “Hrsg.” Are used, in the plural it becomes “Hgg.” Or “Hgg.”

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