How do you quote individual words?

How do you quote individual words?

If you rephrase the statement in your own words, it is an indirect quotation or a paraphrase. You can quote individual words directly, but sentences and entire text passages can also be used. You should incorporate these into your own text as fluently as possible.

What must be quoted in a term paper?

But not only text passages have to be marked as quotations. Figures, data and tables that you use, as well as graphics that you take from your sources and reproduce yourself, must also be cited. In the case of academic work, it is important that you cite the sources correctly.

What has to be quoted in a scientific paper?

Quotes are bridges between arguments and theoretical drafts. The following applies: Well dosed is half the battle. On the other hand, quotations, i.e. text passages or statements of others, are valid as references or sources for your own argumentation.

What has to be quoted?

Quotations are references when arguing and interpreting. Verbatim quotations must always be reproduced true to the original, no changes to the wording or spelling may be made. If you are only using part of the original text, it is essential that omissions are indicated.

How do you correctly quote cf.

When using indirect quotations, any foreign ideas must also be identified by citing sources. In contrast to direct quotations, indirect quotations are not put in quotation marks, but with the note “Cf. “(= Comparisons) or” S. “(= See) marked.

What does cf. mean when quoting?

Their referencing differs from direct quotations by a “cf.”, which stands for “compare”. Sometimes “see” is used to indicate indirect quotations. That is possible, but rather unusual. Anyone who wants to refer to other books or texts in a footnote, for example, can do so with “cf.

How do I correctly quote my bachelor thesis?

In the case of a direct quotation, the sentence must be taken over literally. Even spelling mistakes are taken over. In the case of a literal quotation in, the sentence is always in quotation marks. This approach is perfect for examples or definitions in your bachelor thesis.

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