How do you quote multiple pages?

How do you quote multiple pages?

Quotation on two pages If the quoted passage is a quotation that extends over two pages, the page on which the quotation begins is indicated in the footnote. The page number is followed by “f. “Set for” and the following “: Brinkmann, K .: Roman history.

How do you quote a comparison?

In contrast to direct quotations, indirect quotations are not put in quotation marks, but with the note “Cf. “(= Comparisons) or” S. “(= See) marked. The page number must also always be specified.

What is meant by FF?

stands for the plural of the abbreviation f., for “following”. ff. therefore stands for “on the next pages”. That the wrong donkey bridge ff.

What do F and FF mean?

If the quotation or the analogous adoption goes beyond one page, the indication “f.” or “ff.”: An f stands for “following” and means exactly the next page. P. 12f.

What is the difference between F and FF?

The abbreviations f. Where f. Stands for the “following page” and ff. For the “following pages”.

What is FF in chat?

“Ff” is often used (mostly in the allies chat) as “Fast Finish” (English for “get ready”) to instruct the round to end as quickly as possible and other goals (such as crafting items) no longer to pursue.

What does the FF mean in paragraphs?

That in turn means, for example in paragraphs or lines, that the next one is meant. ff. means subsequent, again based on paragraphs Co. several subsequent lines or paragraphs.

What does FF mean in the floor plan?

The functional area FF is that part of the net floor area NGF that is available for building services systems. The main usable area HNF is that part of the usable area NF, which serves the purpose and use of the building in the narrower sense.

What does the A stand for?

The letter À (lower case à) is a letter of the Latin writing system, consisting of an A with a grave accent. In addition, à also means “je” or “zu je” in German. …

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