How do you quote noble titles?

How do you quote noble titles?

Authors with the aristocratic title of (other aristocratic titles should be omitted) are to be cited in the bibliography with their surname alone. The work of V. Bar/Mankowski therefore appears under the letter B in the bibliography. Bar, Christian von/ Mankowski, Peter International Private Law, Volume 2, 2.

How to cite editors

‘ for ‘same publisher’ or ‘this. ‘ for ‘the same publisher’ or ‘the same publishers’. Example: Identify the same author and editor according to Harvard Müller, Thomas (2019): References or bibliography, in: ders.

Are doctorates mentioned in the bibliography?

Doctoral titles/academic degrees are not mentioned. Only the literature that you refer to in your work (e.g. in footnotes) is included in the list of references. On the one hand, you show the reader what literature they have used and how large the amount of literature you have used is.

Where are the sources coming from?

The reference is in the text immediately after the citation, either in brackets or in footnotes in Word. This allows the reader to see where the thought or information originally came from.

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