How do you quote quotation marks in a quotation?

How do you quote quotation marks in a quotation?

In American English, the rule is the same as in German: double quotation marks are used for direct speech and single quotation marks are used for quotations in the quotation. However, both are put on top.

How do you quote a guide?

Last name, first name of the author (year of publication of the article in question): Title of the article (complete, subtitle if applicable). In: title of the journal, year of the journal, issue number, first to last page of the article.

How do I cite a monograph?

A monograph – i.e. a stand-alone work written mostly by a single author – is generally documented in the footnotes and in the bibliography according to the following citation rule: Last name, first name: title. Subtitle, place of publication, year of publication.

What goes into a bibliography?

In the bibliography the work used is named with its author, year of publication and publisher. In the list of sources there is also the page number on which the information used can be found.

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