How do you quote when multiple authors?

How do you quote when multiple authors?

3 or more authors. If you have three or more authors, it is sufficient to include the first author and the addition et al. ‘Use. The abbreviation stands for the Latin et alii, which translates and means ‘other’.

How do you cite databases?

Formally cite the database or the data set in the running text like other literature, i.e. with the name of the database as the “publisher”, possibly a description of the data and the year (e.g. OECD 2006 or World Bank: World Development Indicators 2007).

What is a DOI?

The Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is a permanent, persistent identifier that is used to cite and link electronic resources (texts, research data or other content). Current and structured metadata are assigned to the document via the DOI name.

Who awards DOI?

The DOI consists of a unique alphanumeric string that is divided into two parts, a prefix and a suffix. the suffix roma081203 which identifies the individual digital object. The prefix is ​​assigned by the DOI agency. The registered publisher (producer) assigns the suffix.

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