How do you rate a source?

How do you rate a source?

Based on the factual judgment, the source is evaluated in terms of its credibility and relevance for its time and for the present. Your own opinion should also be formulated, revealing your standards of value, as a personal statement from the source.

What makes a source reputable?

Characteristics of a reputable Internet source Is the author of the content on the website known or an expert in the field? References, imprint, images and the operator of a website provide information about the author and the seriousness of the website.

What is considered a scientific source?

Scientific sources are not the only citable sources. can be used, especially when there are no scientific publications on a topic (which is rarely the case).

Is a newspaper article a scientific source?

In science, articles from scientific journals are considered good sources. Articles from these journals are therefore also suitable for use in your bachelor’s or master’s thesis.

Is a textbook an academic source?

If the citation rules you follow specifically state that scripts or textbooks are not citable, then you must abide by them. Scripts and textbooks are wonderful learning materials. They are of course based on research literature, but usually do not go into the details.

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