How do you recognize good car washes?

Especially in summer, dirt from mosquito bites in the self-service box is almost impossible to get rid of. Only a trip through a good car wash or car wash will get the paintwork thoroughly clean. Unfortunately, there are massive differences between the technology and the operator, which can quickly become fatal to the paintwork. What should you pay attention to when choosing the right car wash?


When strangers to the city: Rather prefer new systems
Experience shows that as a rule new car washes are even cleaner and better maintained than some old ones where the brushes have not been serviced or replaced for years. This applies to car washes as well as to gantry car washes

Textile brushes better than rubber rags
You should also take a look at the actual washing brushes before washing: If these are made of hard rubber strips, they are not very gentle on the paintwork. Textile brushes, i.e. made of fabric, protect the paintwork by hitting it with less force. Frayed or damaged brushes are a sign of insufficient maintenance – you should never wash them!

Car wash instead of gantry car wash
A car wash through which the car is pulled is significantly more complex and optimal for washing than a so-called portal car wash that drives around the vehicle. You can also find high-quality textile brushes almost exclusively in the large car washes.

Audi A3 after hand washing

Self-service car washes: Often not really cheaper and much more uncomfortable than driving through the car wash

Car wash: Only with thorough pre-cleaning!
The fact that a vehicle is thoroughly pre-cleaned with high pressure by an employee before entering the car wash is the be-all and end-all for both the operator and the customer. Coarse dirt such as stones or mud, which could otherwise get caught in the brushes and pose a risk to the paintwork, is thoroughly removed in the best possible way. The prewash should last at least 30-60 seconds and cover every part of the vehicle. If this is done with every car, you can be pretty sure that no coarse dirt from other vehicles can damage your own paintwork in the system.

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