How do you recognize the tenses?

How do you recognize the tenses?

Tenses of German grammar – Here you get an overview! The present tense: I am learning German; the perfect tense: I have learned German; the past tense / past tense: I learned German; the past perfect tense: I had learned German; the future tense 1: I will become German to learn.

What past tenses are there?

Knowing different tenses in the past The perfect and past perfect, however, each consist of a verb and an auxiliary verb: Past tense (= past): I went. Perfect (= perfect present): I left. Past perfect (= perfect past): I was gone.

In which tense do I write a bachelor thesis?

Some advisors recommend writing the entire bachelor thesis in the present tense. This is the tense that expresses the present (cf. the information from the University of Giessen). In practice, however, this does not always make sense: Because some parts of the bachelor thesis refer to the past.

In which tense do you write a thesis?

Present tense – a must for academic texts Anyone who thinks that they are writing their work in a past tense is on the wrong track: The present tense is the appropriate tense for academic papers. The present tense has established itself as a common tense in science.

How do I write a good abstract?

So the abstract is very short, but it is not easy to write a good abstract …. In the abstract you should address the following aspects: overarching importance of the topic, question of the work, most important theses, scientific method, conclusions / results.

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