How do you refer to the figures in the appendix?

How do you refer to the figures in the appendix?

Refer to the appendix for the master’s thesis. You can do this in brackets with an appendix and number or directly in a sentence. It is also possible to refer to a single part of the appendix (for example a specific figure or table).

What goes in the appendix?

In the appendix to your thesis, you list material that is necessary to understand your thesis. It would take up too much space in the text. Graphics, test results, photos or survey results belong here. You have to assign numbers to all pictures in the appendix, which can also be found in the text.

Is the attachment given a page number?

Basically you should use as few fonts as possible! If there is an appendix: It has no chapter number. In the appendix itself, page numbering is often omitted or a separate number is used (e.g. in Roman numerals). But this also has disadvantages.

Does the list of abbreviations have a page number?

The scientific work begins with the title page. The title page itself is not given a page number. The pagination with Roman page numbers extends over the pre-texts as well as over the table of contents, figures, tables, abbreviations and symbols.

Does the abstract have a page number?

The abstract must be written in the language used in the thesis and contains a maximum of 150 words. Since it is placed in front of the work, it is not included in the calculation of the page numbers.

Does the bibliography have a page number?

The bibliography and the appendix are also given page numbers (see example).

Does the outline have a page number?

The page numbers throughout the document are also important. The cover sheet and the table of contents have no page numbers. Therefore, these pages do not appear in the table of contents of your homework.

Which page number according to the table of contents?

Since all pages are counted in the term paper, the page following the cover sheet – usually the table of contents – has page number “2”.

How can I get a table of contents without a page number?

Table of contents and cover sheet without page numbers: This is how it worksPosition the cursor on your second page, i.e. the table of contents. Under the “Page layout” tab, click on the “Breaks” drop-down menu. Double click on the top or bottom edge of the third page.

How do I insert page numbers from page 3?

So that you can only insert page numbers from page 3, you must first divide your document into sections: Click at the very end of the text on the second page. Usually this is the table of contents. Choose the Layout tab from the menu, click Breaks, then click Next Page.

Where does pagination start for the bachelor thesis?

Bachelor thesis: insert page numbers The numbering only starts on the following page. All directories of your thesis (table of contents, list of abbreviations, list of tables and figures as well as bibliography and appendix) are numbered consecutively with Roman numerals, starting with I.

How can I get page numbers from page 3 onwards?

Insert page numbers in Word starting on page 3 Click again on “Page Number” and select the option “Format Page Numbers”. At the bottom under “Page numbering”, activate the “Start at” option and insert a “1”. If you confirm with “OK”, the numbering of the page numbers does not start until page 3.

Like page numbers only from page 2?

Word: Page Numbers from Page 2 Click on Insert in the top right, on Page Number and on Bottom of Page. Then click, for example, on Simple number 3, and the numbers appear in the footer of every page. If necessary, you can now add further content to the footer .

How can I change the page numbers in Word?

Navigate to Header & Footer> Page Number, then click Page Number. Select the position and orientation of the page numbers. If you don’t want a page number on the first page, deselect Show page number on first page.

How do I remove individual page numbers in Word?

Navigate to Insert> Header & Footer. On the right side, click Options, and then click First Page Different. Select options again, then click Remove Page Numbers.

How do I set the page number in Word?

To insert a page number, choose Insert> Page Number, then choose the position and format you want. If you don’t want a page number on the first page, choose Different First Page.

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