How do you send a resume by email?

How do you send a resume by email?

Click the Attach a file icon (it looks like a paper clip) at the bottom of the screen. 4. Select the file containing your resume and cover letter from the Upload File screen and attach it. After you have attached your résumé to the email, you can send it.

How do you send an application?

To send your application portfolio, you should use a white DIN C4 envelope with a cardboard back and send it by post as a large letter. The reinforced back protects your application from being kinked. It is advisable to frank the mailer normally. So usually with 1.45 euros.

How expensive is it to submit an application?

Make sure you put on enough postage and that the stamp is straight. The folders are sent as a large letter, the postage costs 1.45 euros. A proper application by post is therefore not cheap. However, you are investing in your professional future – and the state sees it that way too.

What does it mean to apply in writing?

The written application always includes the cover letter, curriculum vitae and an attachment. The cover letter must be designed on one page: You write there in a continuous text why you are applying to this company and why you should have the position.

What must absolutely in the application?

What must be in the cover letter (from top to bottom) Sender (name, address, telephone number, email address) Date (right) Recipient (company, first and last name of the addressee, address) No application photo (only in the résumé) Subject (with specific reference to the job advertisement)

How do you write a written résumé?

Tips for handwritten applications Use the highest quality paper possible – no copy paper. The paper should be unlined. Write with a fountain pen – not with a pen or felt-tip pen; write down all of the text first, then copy it neatly.

How do I write a handwritten resume?

In principle, a handwritten curriculum vitae is structured in exactly the same way as a tabular curriculum vitae written on a computer. However, the applicant does not use the tabular form here. A handwritten curriculum vitae is always written as running text.

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