How do you spell lists correctly?

How do you spell lists correctly?

Starting point are the basic rules for punctuation in enumerations: Subordinate clauses, groups of words or words are separated from each other with a comma….1. Enumerated as part of a set of summer dresses, light jackets and colorful accessories.

When comma in enumeration?

The comma is used in lists between words and word groups of the same rank if they are not connected by words such as and, or or and.

Why are commas useful in enumerations?

The purpose of the comma in lists is that a new main clause does not always have to be created. With the comma in enumerations, it is therefore easy to use many enumerations in sentences without having to constantly start new sentences. This makes reading easier and does not disturb the flow of reading.

When comma before what?

If subordinate clauses are introduced by question words (who, when, what, how, where, where, why, why), a comma must be placed in front of the question word.

When isn’t a comma used?

Without conjunctions, the elements of lists are directly next to each other. Commas must be placed between the elements here. Commas Enumeration at the end of the sentence Living beings are animals, plants, protozoa. There is no comma at the end of the list if the sentence continues.

Is it capitalized after a semicolon?

It creates a stronger separation than the comma, but weaker than the period. According to German orthography, after a semicolon, the letter is written in lower case, unless it is followed by a noun or a word that has to be capitalized for other reasons, such as proper names.

What is bullet point?

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