How do you spell the title correctly?

How do you spell the title correctly?

Holders of academic titles (professor, doctor) are named in the address with their title. The academic degree is placed in front of the name. The Doctor is abbreviated. It is not customary to include the faculty.

How do you spell Mrs Dr?

In the case of professors, the doctor is not used in the salutation. Bachelor, diploma or master are placed in the address field, but not in the salutation. Always use the feminine form for women: Madam President, Madam Professor, etc.

How do you address the professor?

Use the correct form of address When contacting us for the first time, the form of address should be “Dear Sir / Madam” followed by the highest academic degree and the surname. So if you Prof. Dr. dr

What do you write if you have no salutation?

“Dear Sir or Madam” is the most general form of salutation and is only used if the specific name of the recipient is not known. That’s not fundamentally wrong – but it’s not enough, especially for an application!

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