How do you start a biography?

How do you start a biography?

Start your life story with your birth This is the usual start of a biography. It is chosen when someone wants to document their entire life and understands their biography as a document for posterity. The sober facts are just as important as the anecdotal.

What does a biography include?

The structure: introduction, main part, conclusion Like any factual text, the short biography also consists of three parts: In the introduction you summarize the most important things there is to know about the person in two or three sentences. In the main part you write a text from the life data that you have collected.

What makes a good biography?

A good biography not only conveys detailed knowledge about the person, but also insights into his ethics, values ​​and motives that drive him to act. A good biography leaves the reader with more detailed knowledge about the life of the person portrayed.

What is a biography in geriatric care?

In care for the elderly, biography work is a process of activating care and ensures that the needs of the customers are individually addressed. People with dementia in particular can sometimes no longer clearly express their needs. Knowledge of the biography can help to better understand signals.

What is a biography?

The German term biography is borrowed from the ancient Greek words ‘bíos’ (life) and ‘graphein’ (to write). Unlike an autobiography, a biography is only about other people’s lives.

What does the term biography mean?

A biography or biography (ancient Greek βιογραφία biographia, compound from βίος bíos, German ‘life’ and graphics, from γράφω gráphō, German ‘scratch’, ‘paint’, ‘write’) is the description of a person’s life. This leads to the question of the subjectively understood life.

What is memory maintenance?

Memory maintenance is the guided cognitive processing of life memories, which creates a bridge between the present and the past of the person in need of care and is mainly used in the therapy of dementia patients.

What does biographical work mean?

Biographical work therefore means a current engagement with past problems or conflicts that affect the present and want to be clarified and require a reassessment.

What is meant by biographical self-reflection?

In the biographical self-definition, one judges for one’s own case whether the immanent goal of youth, adult status, has been achieved; In the biographical self-reflection one looks for personal values ​​of the events of the previous life – whether they are in the socially valid categories of the professional …

What is a biographical suitcase?

The “souvenir case” supports the biographical work. Filled with objects from the senior citizens’ childhood and adolescence, so-called “memory keys”, it is an ideal door opener. The suitcase can be filled with items on various topics: “Household in the past”

What belongs in a souvenir case?

The souvenir cases contain original items that come from the earlier everyday world, today old people with a migration background. Touching these objects evokes memories and arouses emotions. People with dementia begin to remember, talk and exchange ideas.

How is biography work done?

1.4 How is biography work done? Otherwise biography work cannot be done. Work must be done with sensitivity and discretion. Through targeted questioning of the resident, e.g. about his family, job, one tries to find out what was or is possibly particularly important to him.

What types of biographies are there?

There are four different types of biography: the autobiography, the memoir, the memoir, and the autobiographical novel. The autobiography is the most popular form of biography. Here the author proceeds chronologically, from the time of birth to the time of the biography.

Is biography and résumé the same?

The most important difference between a biography and a résumé is that a biography is written for the general public, while a résumé is only written for one person (e.g. for the head of human resources of the potential employer) or for a specific body (administration of a university) …

What are biographical experiences?

Biographical experiences are declared to be an “influencing factor” that significantly determines professional thinking and acting. Great importance is attached to them; at the same time, they appear as something potentially threatening for professionalism.

How does biography work work?

Biography work is a structured form of self-reflection on biography in a professional setting. The reflection of a biographical past serves to understand them in the present and a possible shaping of the future.

What is inner biography?

The outer and the inner biography. The curriculum vitae is the outer biography. It consists of objective events and changes in life. The inner side of the biography is important for the biography work. Here life events are assessed and classified in the life story.

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