How do you start a comparison?

How do you start a comparison?

How do you compare? Introduction: Mention of the texts, presentation of the topic Main part: Analysis of the two texts one after the other (diachronic) or alternating aspect-oriented (synchronous) Conclusion: Conclusion (are the texts similar or completely different?), Justification of your own opinion .

What is a comparison example?

The comparison and its form In a sentence there are two objects, facts or images that have a common property. These two things are juxtaposed and connected by the words like or as. An example: he was strong as a tree.

How do you write a debt comparison?

Debt settlement – sample letter I will make the settlement amount of [Betrag] Euro from [Datum] Pay off to you in installments on the first of each month. I will instead of the outstanding amount of [Betrag] Euro a one-time comparison amount of [Betrag] Pay euros to you.

How do I write a picture comparison?

How do I write a picture comparison? Description of one picture. Analysis & interpretation (always flow a little together) Final epoch-making classification. Description of the second image, analysis and interpretation. Find similarities and differences (comparison of epochs, comparison of artists)

How to write a good image analysis

The structure of an image analysis At the beginning of every image analysis there is an extensive image review. Look at the picture and note in note form what you notice. For example, you can record which motif is shown or which colors are used. Record your personal first impression.

How do you write an image source analysis?

Analysis of image sources What kind of image source is it? Who is the author or client of the image? What is the subject of the image or does the image have a title? When and where was the image published? Who is the image addressed to?

What belongs in an image analysis?

Content of an image analysis The composition and structure of the image; its significance for the artist and his biography; its effect on the audience; the historical context at the time of its creation and its significance in the current time.

What must everything in a picture description?

An image description must be structured in a meaningful and logical manner. It consists of an introduction, main part and conclusion, or the conclusion.

What is image analysis?

Image viewing or image analysis is understood to be a systematic examination in which the object to be examined, the image or

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