How do you start an analysis in English?

How do you start an analysis in English?

You start your analysis with an introductory sentence and a synopsis. The actual analysis begins in the main part. In the introduction to your analysis, you name the main thesis that the author makes in his text.

How do you make a reading roll?

The reading scroll A reading scroll consists of sheets of paper you have designed yourself, which you then stick together, roll up and put in a cardboard tube with a lid that has been painted and written for this purpose. 1. From the outside you tinker or paint a cover page of a book you have read (which you also like).

What does reading role mean?

The reading roll is the creative product that emerges as the students intensively deal with a book: on a length of paper made of sheets of paper glued together, which is often several meters long, the children work on tasks on various aspects of the book or on the author.

How to make a book launch poster?

Book presentation: Creating a book presentationChoosing the right book.Structuring the book presentation in a plausible way.Name the most important facts about the book.Give a short, meaningful synopsis.Well selected reading sample.Your personal opinion.

How can I make a poster?

2. Gather all the materials needed to make a poster: a large, thin piece of cardboard in white or a light color so that the writing on it is easy to read. colored felt-tip pens, pencil, eraser and ruler; scissors and glue; colored paper for creatively highlighting subject areas.

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