How do you start the body of a synopsis?

How do you start the body of a synopsis?

Contents: Main part In the main part you then summarize the most important action steps. You should pay attention to the following formal aspects: your own formulations in factual language (no quotations, no embellishments, no colloquial language) Reproduction of the correct timing.

What do you have to consider when giving a table of contents?

Characteristics of a synopsisConcise and factual language.Correct sequence of action steps.Structure: introduction, main part, conclusion.Tense: present tense (present tense)Own words, no quotations.

How many words do you have to know to speak German?

The receptive vocabulary of a German can contain up to 100,000 words. If you are learning a foreign language, you should learn 1,300 to 2,000 words as a beginner (at the basic level).

How long is a newspaper article?

A 5,000-character article is a two-page spread in a magazine, but a long article in a daily newspaper, probably on page 3 (usually the report page). The rule of thumb for articles in daily newspapers is: around 3,000 characters including spaces.

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