How do you start with a statement?

How do you start with a statement?

The introduction Like many texts, the statement also has three parts: an introduction, a main part and a conclusion. In the introduction to the statement, you describe what you are saying. Introduce briefly by writing briefly what your opinion is.

How do you write an opinion pattern?

Structure of the opinion Introduction. Relation to the occasion (What is it about? Main part. Justification of one’s own point of view through arguments (sorting from the weakest to the strongest argument so that the argument becomes stronger in the course of the process.) Final part.

In what time do I write a statement?

You present your opinion in detail and justify it. The tense is the present tense, but in some cases you can also use the perfect tense. You use 2-3 arguments for an opinion. An opinion is different from a discussion.

How do you take a critical position?

Opinion has many aspects that deal critically with the views expressed by the author of a text. Examine the content, statement and, if necessary, the effect of a text. Check the arguments for their conclusiveness. Compare the information in a text with one’s own experience.

What does critical mean?

To discuss a text means to critically examine the statements of a text. Opinions also often differ on what critical examination of a text means: One thing is clear: the text discussion definitely requires that you look at the text or the text.

What does it mean?

deal with. Meanings: [1] reflexive: to deal with someone or something in depth, to think about someone or something. [2] intransitive: explain something to someone.

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