How do you use direct speech?

How do you use direct speech?

In the narrative text, direct speech, also called literal speech, is assigned to a person and marked by quotation marks. When reproducing literal statements, it is important to ensure that the literal speech is placed in quotation marks.

What is the difference between direct and indirect?

When transforming direct speech into indirect speech, the verb is changed from the indicative to the subjunctive I and the pronouns are changed from the first to the third person. direct speech: Thomas: “I’m new in town. Reported Speech: Thomas says he’s new in town.

What is direct and indirect speech?

Indirect speech is a means of distanced, reported reproduction of utterances. Unlike direct speech, indirect speech is not in quotation marks, but in a subordinate clause with the introductory subjunctive “dass” or in a main clause in the subjunctive I or II. …

How do I form the indirect speech?

If you repeat the words of others, their statements or opinions, you do so in the form of reported speech. Here you don’t have to use quotation marks like in direct speech, but put the verb of the sentence in a different form. More specifically, you have to put it in subjunctive mode.

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