How do you use the present tense?

How do you use the present tense?

When do you use present tense in German?Facts or conditions in the present tense. Example: Actions that take place once, several times or never in the present. Example: Actions that express how long something has been happening. Example: Actions in the future that have already been determined or agreed upon.

How is the present tense formed?

To form the present tense, we need the stem of the present tense and the personal endings. For the formation of the present tense we only need the stem of the present tense. We find the stem of the present tense by separating the ending -en from the infinitive.

What is the past of questions?

Word separation: questions, past tense: asked, participle II: asked.

Can you also say ask?

ask? The word “ask” doesn’t even exist. Colloquially maybe common in some regions, but a word that actually doesn’t work at all. Because it’s true: I ask, you ask, he asks, she asks and I asked, you asked, he asked, she asked.

Is answers a verb?

Especially for learners of German, the correct conjugation of the verb or the correctly inflected forms (answers – answered – has answered) is crucial. Further information can be found under Wiktionary answer and answer in Duden.

Is work a verb?

Verb – basic form work (noun)

What is the past tense of thinking?

thinks! Word separation: think, past tense: thought, participle II: thought.

What is the past tense of reckon?

Past tense I reckoned by reckonedester reckoned we reckoned your reckoned1 more row

What is the past tense of buy?

The past tense conjugation of buy is: I bought, you bought, he bought, we bought, you bought, they bought. As a regular verb, the unchanged stem kauf- is used.

What is the past tense of sleep?

Past tense I slept you sleptster/she/es slept we slept you slept1 more row

Who asks or he asks?

you ask (scenic ask); he asks (scenic asks); you asked (scenic frugst, subjunctive frug[e]st); asked; ask[e]!

Is ask grammatically correct?

At the moment only the verb forms you ask and he/she/it asks are in circulation, but they can lead to the development of other verb forms. However, if you want to speak German correctly, you should remember that there is simply no such thing as “buy” and “ask”.

what are you asking

in today’s standard language, only the regular forms you ask and he asks are used for the verb to ask. The same goes for the past tense asked. The forms frägst and frägt as well as in the past frug and früge are considered obsolete or regional language.

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