How do you write a good abstract?

How do you write a good abstract?

So the abstract is very short, but it is still not easy to write a good abstract… In the abstract you should address the following aspects: overarching importance of the topic. questions of the work. most important theses. scientific method. conclusions / results.

Where does the abstract go?

It should serve as a compact synopsis for the reader and make them curious to read your bachelor thesis. The abstract is located at the very beginning of your bachelor thesis between the foreword and table of contents.

What is an abstract academic paper?

The abstract summarizes the essential content of your bachelor thesis without evaluating or interpreting it. It helps the reader to get a rough overview of your question, your approach and your main results.

Is the abstract listed in the table of contents?

Abstracts, forewords, lists and appendices are not numbered/classified but are usually included in the table of contents. A special feature is the affidavit: depending on the requirements of the university, it may or may not appear in the table of contents.

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