How do you write a good description?

How do you write a good description?

Write a description of the item Start with typical features and then describe special features. Keep a logical order: For example, describe the item from left to right or top to bottom. Write your item description in the present tense.

What does character traits mean?

1) a specific quality/trait of a character. Origin of the term: determinative compound of character and trait.

How do you describe a person?

A personal description refers only to the external characteristics of a person, i.e. what one can “see”. It is made, for example, for a police manhunt. The characterization also goes into the inner world by describing characteristics, thoughts, feelings, etc.

How do you describe the behavior?

Behavior is the totality of all observable states and changes in animals and humans as a response to internal and external stimuli. This includes, among other things, movements, postures, vocalizations and scent release.

What makes a strong personality?

Rather, strength is characterized by the fact that one realistically assesses the people and situations with which one is dealing. Problems are not made bigger than they really are and negative thoughts are not overrated either, which can give your own self-confidence a big boost.

What makes you likeable?

We find people who remind us of a loved one or popular person exciting. We find people particularly likeable who are honest, open-minded and approachable and who reveal something about themselves – we feel particularly comfortable and welcome in their presence.

What does it mean to be likeable?

Sympathy (borrowed from Latin sympathia, this from ancient Greek συμπάθεια sympátheia “compassion” to συμπαθεῖν sympatheín “to suffer”; compare empathy) is the spontaneously arising emotional affection. Its opposite is antipathy (dislike).

What does very likeable mean?

The feeling that you like someone or that you are comfortable with someone. When someone tells you that they like you, it means something like “You’re nice” or “I get along with you very well”.

What does sympathisch mean in German?

Century borrowed into German from the French adjective sympathique‎ structural: derivation from the stem of the word sympathy with the derivative (derivative morpheme) -isch. Synonyms: 1) pleasant, charming, friendly, nice, dear, lovable.

What do you mean by sympathetic?

You will find a sympathetic person with whom you get along, who you like to be around or just smile.

What is an affinity?

Affinity (from Latin affinitas “affinity”) stands for: affinity, married persons and their relatives. Affinity (chemistry), tendency of atoms and molecules to interact.

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