How do you write a good reflection?

How do you write a good reflection?

9 tips for a better self-awareness Self-reflection needs calm. Take your time for self-reflection. be regular and create routines. Reflect on challenging situations. Use self-assessment as a preparation. Take yourself seriously. Self-awareness: Be honest with yourself. Be gracious to yourself. More entries …

How do you start writing a reflection?

After the overview you will find detailed guidelines for writing a reflection.

How do I write a reflection on a project?

Reflection on the project Has the project objective been achieved? (Explain your point of view) What contributed to the achievement of the goal? What difficulties were there. – In terms of content / organizational nature. How could this project be continued? What have you learned for yourself? What can we do better in the next project?

How do I write a reflection on an internship?

What belongs in the conclusion of the internship and what doesn’t? What did you particularly like about your internship? What could be done about this internship in the future (e.g. what did you learn again during the internship and what did you already know? Was the work rather demanding for you or were you often bored? Further entries … •

What should a reflection contain?

Rather, reflection means thinking that checks, compares, examines the situation and illuminates it from different points of view. The intention of a reflection is to consciously deal with a situation in order to understand it better and to be able to learn from it.

What does writing a reflection mean?

Writing a reflection therefore always means thinking about a situation, a text, a seminar, an internship or in the professional field after a training course, etc. The reflection involves more than just thinking.

What does a reflection mean?

Reflection means thinking about oneself or one’s own behavior in a testing and comparative way, thinking (if it is related to a mental activity).

How does the reflection work?

Depending on the material and type of surface, objects can reflect part of the light falling on them. This process is called reflection. If (almost) all of the light falling on an object is reflected, one speaks of a reflection.

Which surfaces reflect the light particularly well?

If light hits very smooth surfaces, it is reflected back in a certain direction (Fig. 1). Such a reflection can be found e.g. B. on the surfaces of flat mirrors or on very smooth water surfaces.

Which color reflects sunlight best?

In short, the color white reflects light best. At the same time, it absorbs the least amount of energy.

Which color absorbs which light?

Light and color – what radiates is colorful An object that absorbs all wavelengths except green and only reflects green appears green to us. A body that absorbs all wavelengths except red and only reflects red appears red to us.

What color does red absorb?

if only red is absorbed and all other colors are allowed through, a transparent green medium is obtained. If red is absorbed and all other colors are reflected, the object also appears green when we look at it. The color green arises because it is the complementary color to red.

What color is short-wave light?

These have different wavelengths. That is why you see light in different colors. For example, short-wave light is blue, while long-wave light appears red. The human eye is able to detect wavelengths from 380 to 780 nanometers.

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