How do you write a good résumé?

How do you write a good résumé?

Personal data: Name, date and place of birth, address, contact information (e-mail and mobile phone number, if available) Professional experience: jobs and internships. Education: school, occupation, studies. Further training – if they fit the job profile. Stays abroad . Foreign language skills.

What can I leave out of my résumé?

Cuts in the résumé are controversial, but common: Schoolchildren and student jobs in particular, or even school stations, are often left out because they are perceived as superfluous information that could question suitability for the respective position.

Are the job references checked?

The potential new employer is allowed to check what is in an applicant’s certificates. If there are any ambiguities in certificates or other documents, an employer must first ask the applicant and obtain permission to conduct further examinations.

Who decides if someone will be hired?

Under no circumstances should he alone decide how the application is to be dealt with. This is a so-called individual personal measure, i.e. the works council helps to decide whether the applicant is to be hired or not. This is regulated in Section 99 of the Works Constitution Act.

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