How do you write a good sales letter How do you write a good sales letter?

How do you write a good sales letter?

Letter division

  1. As clear and generous a division as possible.
  2. The subject heading should be interesting, arouse curiosity or / and promise a benefit.
  3. A personal approach is better than “Dear prospective customer”
  4. A personal signature with name / position creates trust.

Is mail advertising allowed?

Advertising by letter or direct mail to companies is generally possible. According to current law, it is assumed with regard to advertising material in the mailbox that the mailbox owner agrees to the mailing.

How can I advertise?

Consent must be given entirely voluntarily. In particular, no pressure may have been exerted and the consent may not be based on any deception or error. Consent must have been given prior to the specific promotion.

Is telephone and fax advertising legally permissible?

However, not all forms of advertising are permitted. Annoying advertising methods are prohibited within the meaning of the Act against Unfair Competition Paragraph ((§) 7 UWG). According to this, harassing potential customers through intrusive, unsolicited advertising is more unfair.

When do you write a sales letter?

The most important thing: Write your sales letter in such a way that your potential customer absolutely wants your product, offer or service. If all of this is too much work for you, hire a professional copywriter who knows sales letters.

How should a goal for a sales letter be formulated?

My best tips for sales letters

  1. Focus on the benefits for customers.
  2. Write according to the AIDA formula: Attention, Desire, Interest, Action.
  3. Be as personal as possible.
  4. At the end, make it very clear what you want the readers to do now.
  5. PS: don’t forget!

What is mail advertising?

Advertising by letter by direct mail or by mail “To all households” is generally permitted. This applies equally to personally addressed advertising or direct mail. The entry in a Robinson list must also be taken into account.

What is advertising allowed and what is not?

Any type of advertising aimed specifically at minors or other similarly addictive target groups is prohibited. In addition, there is a general ban on advertising for certain advertising platforms. Advertising for games of chance on the Internet, television and radio is generally prohibited.

Where can I advertise?

In principle, advertising material may only be displayed on public streets and squares with official approval. Permission must be applied for at the office (public order or road traffic office) of the respective city or district in which the advertising material is to be distributed.

Which professional groups are not allowed to advertise?

The professional group of doctors is the prime example of an advertising ban developed from professional law. In the meantime, the model professional code of conduct for doctors (MBO) provides for a liberalization in Section 27, according to which promotional, misleading and comparative advertising is not permitted.

Are advertising emails to companies allowed?

In principle, advertising e-mails are only permitted if the addressee has expressly given the advertising company appropriate permission prior to receipt, whereby it makes no difference whether entrepreneurs or consumers are written to (Section 7 (2) No. 3 UWG).

What does a sales letter look like?

In the case of the envelopes, the advertising letter is in an envelope and looks like a “normal” letter. The mailings that are not enveloped consist of the advertising letter itself, which also plays the role of an envelope.

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