How do you write a linear discussion introduction?

How do you write a linear discussion introduction?

The introduction of a linear discussion must meet at least two important criteria: First, it must provide an introduction to the topic, comparable to the introductory sentence of any essay. On the other hand, it must be stylistically written in such a way that it encourages the recipient to read on.

What is controversial reasoning?

The dialectical discussion (controversial discussion or pro-contra discussion) weighs two opinions or points of view against each other. This leads to a justified judgment that is understandable for the addressee.

What is antithetical reasoning?

In the antithetical (pro-con) discussion, you first deal with possible counter-arguments, before you then refute them with your arguments and lead the reader to your conclusion. …

How do you write an argumentative letter?

Writing plan for the argumentative letter Collect arguments to support your point of view. Order these from the weak to the strong argument. At the beginning of the letter, mention the article or event that you are referring to. Use appropriate language as you develop your arguments.

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