How do you write a long illness on your résumé?

How do you write a long illness on your résumé?

Whether for two months or two years, a long illness should be mentioned on the résumé and not concealed or masked by lies. You do not have to say exactly what illness it was, either in writing or orally, provided it could not endanger your colleagues or customers.

How do you abbreviate married?

Abbreviation married Abbreviations for the meaning married-married-married-married-married

What is my family stand?

In addition to the name, place and date of birth or the number of children, marital status is part of the civil status data of a person and indicates whether they are single, married, divorced or widowed or whether they have a corresponding legal status with regard to a civil partnership.

What is the abbreviation for Protestant?

Evangelical (church Latin evangelicus; abbreviation: ev. Or evang.) Is an adjective derived from the noun Evangelium.

How is catholic abbreviated?

The abbreviation RK stands for: “RK” or “rk” as a denominational feature for Roman Catholic in the context of church tax collection by the state. Air Afrique, former airline (IATA code)

How did the term Protestant come about?

Evangelical comes from the “Gospel”, that is the good news from the New Testament of the Bible. Luther thought it was more important than the many customs of the Catholic Church. Luther also abolished belief in the saints. By the way, Luther stopped living like a monk.

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