How do you write a philosophical discussion?

How do you write a philosophical discussion?

A discussion is an opinion on a topic or an open question. It is therefore a written form of the argument. Think about the topic and weigh up the reasons and counter-reasons. Try to substantiate and illustrate your train of thought with examples.

How do you write a linear discussion?

In the linear discussion, a question is given (no text, just a question). You have to take a clear position and argue from one perspective (no for and against). Do you decide whether you are for or against something? Both are not possible.

In which tense do you write a linear discussion?

A discussion should therefore be written in the present tense.

What is a linear structure?

The structure of the linear discussion Based on the thesis, you name a chain of arguments from the weakest to the most important argument. At the end you draw a conclusion and justify this = conclusion.

What is an Integrated Discussion?

In a one-part discussion, only one side of a topic should be discussed, e.g. only the advantages or only the disadvantages of a topic. In a two-part discussion, on the other hand, two sides of a topic are presented (eg advantages and disadvantages).

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