How do you write a real term paper?

How do you write a real term paper?

How to write your thesis Introduction. In the introduction you present your topic and the exact question. Bulk. In the main part you come to the questions raised in the introduction and go into the research situation in detail. Enough. In this part you present your results.

What do you write in a discussion?

If you want to write a discussion, the following steps can help you: Structure the entire chapter before you start writing the discussion. Interpret your results. Connect them with the literature (and theory) from your literature section (indicate sources!)

What does a good structure fulfill?

The outline should clearly show where the focus of your work is. This should match the title of your work. If your bachelor thesis is called ›The role of Mephisto in Goethe’s Faust‹ your reader expects that your work will focus on this character.

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