How do you write a reference example?

How do you write a reference example?

Structure of a reference letterAddress of the reference provider: Full name, address of the company, contact details (e-mail address, telephone number) Address of the addressee: Full name and address. Subject line: “Reference letter for XY” The reference provider introduces himself and the company. Further entries …

How do I give references?

You name your reference provider at the end of your résumé under “References” with the same information as in a reference list. You give the reference persons with contact details at the respective station in the résumé.

What is a reference when applying?

References are recommendations from people you trust. Most of the time, references are not required in the job description; you voluntarily include references in your résumé, it shows self-confidence and suggests satisfied, former superiors or professors.

How many references do Switzerland give?

Include your name, employer, role and contact details. The list of references belongs at the end of the curriculum vitae. You should provide two to three references so that the HR manager can choose himself and have the opportunity to form an objective opinion.

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