How do you write a reference?

How do you write a reference?

The individual reference persons are given in bullet points with their name, position, company, email address and telephone number. You name your reference provider at the end of your résumé under “References” with the same information as in a reference list.

What is an application deadline?

The application deadline defines the date on which the acceptance of applications for an advertisement will end. As a result, the application deadline is by definition a binding deadline, the extension of which cannot be claimed.

What does cover letter mean?

A cover letter is generally a formal letter to a person or institution. In the cover letter, the applicant briefly introduces himself / herself and explains why he / she would like to be hired and why he / she has applied for the advertised position, citing individual qualifications and skills.

What is the origin of the application?

The origins of applications with similar characteristics are grouped into types of origin. When applying, the candidate selects the type of origin of the application and can then select an origin of the application from the assigned entries.

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