How do you write a request to a company sample?

How do you write a request to a company sample?

We would be happy to receive a catalog and some samples. Please send me price lists and technical data sheets for your products. We would like to get an overview of the product range of your company. We would like to convince ourselves of the quality of your offer.

What is a specific request?

Specific request If the prospective buyer wants to buy a specific product or service, he asks for information regarding the type, quality, condition and price of the goods as well as the delivery and payment conditions.

What is the difference between a general query and a specific query?

General inquiry: Please send us a catalog, price list or request a representative to visit. Specific request: Request for information about certain goods with regard to e.g. Type and condition of the goods, price, delivery u.

What types of requests are there?

An inquiry should be addressed to several suppliers and is not legally binding. There is no statutory form requirement for inquiries, ie they can be made verbally, in writing, by telephone, by fax, by e-mail, etc.

What is an offer?

The offer (or application) is a declaration of intent through which the offeror requests a specific person to purchase a specified product under specified conditions. The display of goods with price information on the shelves of a self-service shop is usually considered an offer.

What is an inquiry and an offer?

Inquiry means the legally completely non-binding request to a provider to receive information about their products and services, prices and conditions. Offer 1. In the legal sense: as a declaration of intent, the first step towards the conclusion of a contract (so-called application according to § 145 BGB).

What is a binding offer?

Buyer represents a binding offer, which the […] can accept by written acceptance or order confirmation or by sending the goods, unless acceptance can still be expected under regular circumstances even after a longer period.

When is an offer legally binding?

According to §145-150 BGB, all offers are binding if the non-binding nature of an offer has not been expressly specified. Thus, entrepreneurs and customers are basically bound to the conditions of a legally secure offer.

How long is an offer binding?

In 145 BGB it says: “Anyone who requests someone else to conclude a contract is bound by the request, unless he has excluded the obligation. “An offer expires if it is rejected or not accepted in time.

Is an offer price binding?

An offer is usually binding, a cost estimate is only binding if it is shown in this way. It therefore makes sense to have a note on the cost estimate whether it is binding or non-binding.

How far can the price deviate from the offer?

In special exceptional cases, the courts sometimes draw the limit at 25 percent. A limit of 15 percent can therefore be assumed as a rule of thumb. In principle, the client must pay for an insignificant excess of the cost estimate.

How binding is a cost estimate?

The contractor is bound by the binding cost estimate. This rarely occurs in practice. In the case of non-binding, the entrepreneur does NOT want to commit himself exactly and only specify the approximate costs. Note: “This cost estimate is not binding.”

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