How do you write a seminar paper?

How do you write a seminar paper?

Important tips for writing a term paper Sort and write down sources well. Pre-structure information in good time. The reasoning must be conclusive. Add your own thoughts. Clearly mark outside thoughts.

How do you write a statement example?

The structure of a statement (statement or comment) is very simple: The structure of the statement.Introduction: Name the topic it is about! Main part: Formulate arguments with examples, preferably in a good order! Conclusion: Draw a conclusion and make yours Opinion together again!

How do you start a statement?

Examine and formulate statements Briefly describe the situation about which you want to make your statement. Then formulate your personal opinion on the topic in clear and simple words in a single sentence: “Personally, I am of the opinion that …”.

The comment in English is nothing more than an opinion on a chosen topic. Make sure that you structure your text clearly (introduction, main part, conclusion). It is best to write down your thoughts and arguments in notes before writing the text.

How do you write an ending?

One can understand the conclusion as a direct answer to the introduction. It is a summary of the answers to the questions raised in the introduction. Therefore summarize your results in relation to the research question and interpret them.

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