How do you write about your hand in the letterhead?

How do you write about your hand in the letterhead?

“To your hands”: Which abbreviation is correct? Since this takes up a lot of space in the address, it is simply abbreviated. The most common abbreviation is “z. Hd. “. The abbreviation z. Hd. Is written directly in front of the recipient’s name. In letters to authorities, you can put the name “o. V. i.

How do I write for the attention of a letter?

To authorities or companies or between companies in the form of business letters. To ensure that the official letter reaches the correct recipient, there is the abbreviation “for your hands” (or “for your attention … for your hands: which abbreviation is correct? H.Hd.Hdn.

How much does it cost to send a letter?

LetterFormatsPricesWeightStandard € 0.80 1) Print stamp 2) up to 20 gCompact € 0.95 1) Print stamp 2) up to 50 gLarge € 1.55 1) Print stamp 2) up to 500 gMaxi € 2.70 1) Print stamp 2) up to 1,000 g

Can I still use 70 cent stamps?

Can I continue to use old stamps? Yes, the old stamps will remain valid even after the postage increase. However, they then have to be supplemented with additional stamps so that the postage amount is ultimately correct. Deutsche Post offers such stamps for 5, 10, 15 and 20 cents.

How much does a letter cost in Germany in 2019?

National letter prices and additional services Letter product / additional service1) from is ostkarte € 0.60 € 0.45 Standard letter € 0.80 € 0.70 Compact letter € 0.95 € 0.85 Large letter € 1.55 € 1.45 € 5

What does a simple letter to Germany cost?

Letter postage and postcard postage in GermanyProduct price in € * WeightPostcard *** 0.60 € Print stamp **** Weight per unit area 150 – 500 g / qmStandard *** 0.80 € Print stamp **** up to 20 gCompact0.95 € Print stamp **** up to 50 g large € 1.55 Print stamp **** up to 500 g 2

What does a normal letter cost at the moment?

What does a letter cost in Germany? Letters therefore cost between 80 cents and 2.70 euros, depending on how big and heavy the item is. A normal letter, also known as a standard letter, costs 80 cents. However, this is only the letter postage in Germany.

How much postage on A4 envelope?

The large letter must not exceed the dimensions 35.3 centimeters long x 25 centimeters wide x 2 centimeters high. Furthermore, the large letter may weigh a maximum of 500 grams. If your A4 envelope and its contents meet these requirements, it is considered a large letter and costs 1.55 euros in postage.

How much postage on a DIN a5 envelope?

Large letter postage always applies from the DIN A5 format. The maximum thickness is 2cm. The maxi letter postage is also valid from A5 format and allows a maximum thickness of 5 cm.

What is not allowed in a large letter?

90 cm, but neither side can be longer than 60 cm. This means that items can also be sent internationally cheaply as a letter in shoeboxes … The weight levels are the same for shipping in Germany and abroad: up to 20 g standard letter up to 50 g compact letter up to 500 g large letter up to 1,000 g maxi letter

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