How do you write an address with Co? How do you write an address with Co?

How do you write an address with Co?

The abbreviation c / o comes from English and means “care of”. Translated into German, this means something like “under the care of”. If you want to send a consignment but the recipient does not have his own address, send the consignment to the address at which the person is, for example, as a guest.

What does CO mean in the address field?

in a shared apartment or in a company. The abbreviation c / o can also be used in letters to hotel guests or on vacation. The two letters stand for care of in English. Correspondingly translated, c / o stands for with.

How do I write my address if I live with someone?

or c / o, abbreviation for English care of (German literally in the care of, correspondingly residing with), its German counterpart p. Adr. (By address, also p.

What should you write when you are resident?

your current residence. so where you are registered. I would write “living with my parents, street number, zip code and city”. Fill in if you live with another person “in ‘subletting” …

What does CO legally mean?

C / o is an abbreviation and comes from English and means “care of”, which in German means something like “living with” or “in the house”. Normally, private people use a c / o address to receive mail, although they are not reported at the respective address.

What does this mean?

The abbreviation “c / o” comes from the English language and is intended to mean “care of”, which could be translated as “under the care of”.

What does and Co stand for?

The company suffix Compagnie, Co. or Cie. abbreviated, is a reference in commercial law to the legal form of partnerships with more than two partners. The abbreviation is usually added at the end of a name after an ampersand (& Co.).

What does GmbH & Co mean?

The limited liability company & Compagnie Kommanditgesellschaft – the GmbH & Co. KG – is a modified form of the KG.

What does the CO in GmbH & CO KG mean?

The GmbH & Co. KG is a special form of the limited partnership and a partnership. The abbreviation GmbH & Co. KG stands for a limited liability company & Compagnie Kommanditgesellschaft, which in Germany is a special form of the limited partnership (KG).

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