How do you write an analysis of a satire?

How do you write an analysis of a satire?

Satire analysisStructure of an analysis of a satire.Introduction: Author, title, source (time of origin), type of text and topic. The introduction is an important part of any interpretation. Main part: Hypothesis of the author’s intention: Conclusion: Own assessment and the relation to the present.

Which types of text belong to factual texts?

Types of text the message.the comment.the gloss.the report.the interview.the feature.the report.the review/criticism.

How can I recognize text types?

Text types can be classified according to the following criteria: text-internal criteria: phonetic-paraverbal or graphic level, choice of words, type and frequency of sentence structures, text-external criteria: text function, communication medium that carries the text, communication situation in which a text is embedded.

How do I recognize the different types of text?

Characteristics of text typesThe report. A report belongs to an informative type of text. The short story. The short story is not only characterized by its brevity. The satire. Often a satire is used to express criticism in an indirect way. The gloss. The anecdote. The Biography. The fable. the saga

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