How do you write an essay?

How do you write an essay?

This includes the type of article (interpretation, discussion or the like) and, if you are referring to another text, also the author, the year of publication and a brief summary. Analyzes and your own opinion have no place in the introduction. Important: keep it as short as possible!

What is the function of a table of contents?

The table of contents provides factual information about the core message of a text and reflects the most important relationships. It is limited to the essential aspects of the plot and is therefore significantly shorter than the original text.

What are the characteristics of a table of contents?

Type of text, author, title, place of action, time of action and topic of the text; in addition, the plot is outlined as briefly as possible. Sometimes the introduction is also referred to as a basic sentence or a core sentence. The main part of the table of contents summarizes the plot of the text.

Is an interpretation the same as a table of contents?

Interpretation means that you try to explain how to understand the story. So basically what the message is. The table of contents is just summarized everything that occurs.

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