How do you write an informal letter?

How do you write an informal letter?

An informal letter is usually a letter, the design of which can be freely chosen. However, it must necessarily contain the personal data required by the recipient. The place and date, the address of the recipient and a subject are also useful. A signature should not be missing.

What does a good friendship mean?

Many say it is trust that matters. Others say, “A good friendship is mutual.” That is, give and take. A harmonious interplay of giving and receiving help, of giving and of receiving affection.

Why do we need best friends?

Why we need best friends: Because they laugh at the same stupid things as we do. Because they give us honest advice. Because they are there for us, even if they are 1000KM away. Because they celebrate with us when things are going well and also love us when things are not going well.

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