How do you write an introduction to a summary?

How do you write an introduction to a summary?

In the introduction to our table of contents we should include the following elements: What type of text is the text (ballad, short story, fable, etc.), title of the story, film or book, the time of origin of the text, the name of the author of the Narration. Place and time of the plot. Further entries …

What questions come in the introduction to a report?

In order to create a first structure, you can answer the classic six W-questions (Who / What / How / When / Where / Why) on the second reading. These are different depending on the type of text, but always a good guide.

How do you make a story?

14 Tips to Make a Good Story Before you begin, make sure you know the end. Make your characters want something badly. Make the antagonist human. Show the reader instead of telling them. Use cliffhanger. Be precise. Make the verbatim speech as quick-witted as possible.

What does it take for a good story?

Every good story has a reason to be told. The WHY (vision, passion, aspiration), the HOW (values ​​and working methods) and the WHAT (product and service) of the brand must be clearly visualized. This circles the base of the story.

What is a story?

Accordingly, every story consists of a beginning, a middle and an end, has a narrator, an actor or hero and a plot that ideally has an arc of tension and is composed of various events.

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