How do you write an introductory information text?

How do you write an introductory information text?

Write the information text: the introduction Pay attention to who the text is addressed to and try to address precisely this group of addressees (other students, adults, newspaper or blog readers). In the introduction the topic is presented and an overview is given.

How can you write a manual?

Method – Go over the act of the process in your head and take notes. Establish the order of the steps and write them down. Put a heading that defines the process. Write your process description in factual, uniform and easy-to-understand language.

How do you write a process description recipe?

Description of the process: Write in the present tense. Combine your sentences in a varied way. Choose a form of address (man form, you / your form, you form, passive, imperative) and stick to it. Use clear adjectives, appropriate verbs and technical terms. Write in a meaningful form Order and make paragraphs.

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